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Why Choose Us?

We are a well-known dental clinic, serving patients in our area as well as patients from the surrounding cities.

We have surpassed so many expectations with our dedicated dentists, who are always available and ready to provide you with the most efficient dental care as well as patient’s services as soon as you step through our doors.

Doctor’s Fedorciw and Massoumi’s extensive experience, alongside our team of highly-skilled dental professionals, work hand in hand to provide each and every patient with excessively high standard care, that you can’t find in any other dental clinics.

It doesn’t matter if you visit the any of our branches anywhere, you will still get the same great services.

Our Rocky Hill Dentist is also available to serve you anytime you require dental services, regardless of where you are.

You should choose us because of the following reasons;

We Treat Our Patients like Family

The entire team, as well as Doctors Fedorciw and Massoumi, strive to make sure that each and every patient is fully relaxed and comfortable during their time here.

Berlin dentist understands that every patient should be taken care of like family. Once you visit our clinic,  we will welcome you with open hands.

A Middletown dentist will take time to know you better, go through your expectations and come up with a treatment plan that you can easily be content with. Each of our staff is friendly, and you will fit in as soon as walk into our offices. The same dedication is all round with our Berlin Dentist too.

We Use the Latest Technology

Technology evolves with each passing day, and therefore we move with it. When you visit us, you should never be worried about the state of our equipment. We use the best and latest technology to carry out our treatment hence ensuring that you get world class dental treatment.

These state of the art equipment offers so many benefits that make your visit comfortable, enjoyable as well as bearable.

You Will Always Get a Personalized Experience

Our Dentists work hard to ensure that our patients receive unparalleled individual experiences.

We work out this by ensuring every patient feels comfortable and at home. It doesn’t matter what kind of treatment you are coming for. You will be given your own experience that is specifically tailored for you.

Our Prices are Pocket-Friendly

We offer our patients competitive and fair prices that are unmatched. Regardless of the treatment, you are coming for. You will always find our prices to be fair all the time.

We can never turn you away, and we always find a solution that will benefit you. In addition, we accept any means of payment that you may have. From credit cards, cash, checks and any means of payment that is allowed.

Qualified and Experienced Team

We do not just employ anyone. We carry out a thorough test on all of our personnel. Our dentists have years of experience between them. This means that you are in the right care and place. Our highly skilled team can address any dental issue that you have.

To set up an appointment, contact our offices today. We operate on a wide scale so that you are not left out.