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PFM Restorations

PFM Restorations

Porcelain fused to metal, or PFM restorations have been a standard in restorative dentistry for more than three decades. During that time, dentists around the world have adopted PFM crowns and bridges due to the versatility for use, as well as their ability to be matched to surrounding teeth. PFM crowns provide an excellent balance between resilience and esthetics. The underlying metal portion of the restorations provides long-lasting durability while the porcelain outer layer delivers a natural-looking appearance.

Did you know…

Dental crowns may be necessary for a number of reasons. They include:

  • To restore the remaining tooth structure following a root canal
  • To protect a tooth that is broken or damaged.
  • To restore a decayed tooth with too much damage to support a new filling
  • To anchor a dental bridge
  • To disguise tooth discoloration that has not responded to whitening treatments

Common Symptoms

PFM restorations can address a range of dental issues, including:

  • Tooth decay
  • Cracked or damaged teeth
  • Misshapen or discolored teeth
  • Weakened tooth structure
An example of PFM Restorations

Why PFM Restorations are Needed

PFM restorations are essential because they:

  • Provide strength and durability
  • Enhance aesthetics with natural-looking porcelain
  • Protect and support damaged teeth
  • Improve overall oral health and function

Treatment Process

At Fedorciw, Massoumi & Kolbig, we follow a meticulous process to ensure the success of your PFM restoration:

  1. Consultation: We assess your dental health and discuss your treatment options.
  2. Tooth Preparation: We remove any damaged or decayed areas and prepare the tooth for the restoration.
  3. Impression: Precise impressions of your teeth are taken to create custom PFM restorations.
  4. Temporary Restoration: While your permanent restoration is being crafted, we provide a temporary solution.
  5. Fitting: Once your PFM restoration is ready, we ensure it fits perfectly and makes any necessary adjustments.
  6. Permanent Placement: Your final restoration is securely placed, providing a strong and natural-looking result.


To maintain the longevity of your PFM restoration, practice good oral hygiene and:

  • Brush and floss regularly
  • Attend regular dental check-ups
  • Avoid chewing on hard objects
  • Wear a mouthguard if you grind your teeth


PFM restorations can significantly improve your smile’s aesthetics and function. With proper care and maintenance, they can last for many years.

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I a candidate for PFM restorations?

You may be a candidate for PFM restorations if you are looking for a strong, but aesthetically appealing crown or bridge. PFM is especially beneficial to patients who suffer with bruxism that could lead to the deterioration of all-ceramic restorations. To find out more about porcelain-fused-to-metal restorations, contact your dentist to schedule a consultation.

What should I expect when being fitted for a PFM restoration?

You’re tooth will be prepared for your new [city] PFM restoration as your dentist gently removes the outer layer for bonding. An impression of your teeth will be made and sent to a dental lab for fabrication of a PFM restoration in a shade that matches your natural teeth. Finally, the restoration will be sent back for placement and permanent bonding.

Will I need to follow any special post-treatment care guidelines after being fit for a PFM restoration?

It is normal to experience some sensitivity to hot and cold temperatures after having a PFM restoration placed. However, this should subside, as should any soreness caused by tooth preparation. Be sure to follow the instructions provided to you by your dentist, and continue brushing and flossing on a daily basis to keep your PFM restoration clean and well cared for. Tell your dentist if your PFM crown or bridge causes you any pain of any kind or if it comes loose.

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