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Looking for help regarding your dental problems? Our dental offices are the best place to be.

Our services have been outstanding in all the areas that we work in. Berlin dentist points out that having a great working environment is not only ideal but also essential in the provision of top quality dental work.

With Dr. Fedorciw and Dr. Massoumi, you can be sure that you will be in the right hands.

All our dental offices, from the Middletown Dentist to the rest deliver general dentistry treatments to all the people from different backgrounds regardless of the age.

You can simply schedule an appointment with our Rocky Hill Dentist by simply filling in the online form or directly calling us.

Our Dental offices are not just ordinary offices. We have rooms that are equipped with modern and the latest state of the art tools and equipment. We keep upgrading and updating them so that our clients can receive unlimited, quality and accurate services.

In addition, we have many personnel who range from assistants and hygienists who work hand in hand with Dr. Fedorciw and Dr. Massoumi. They ensure that treatment is fast and more precise.

Our Dental Office Includes;


Reception Area

We have the perfect reception area that is like a lounge with couches and options of entertainment to keep you or your kind occupied and entertained when waiting for the dentist or results.

In addition, we have a coffee maker and vending machine to provide you with refreshments in case hunger strikes.

Computer and Patient Records

We have a well secure and reliable system that keeps all our records as well as those of our clients. In case you are new, you will be registered and all your information stored in our database.

Keeping the information on paper is a bit risky because the data can be compromised and therefore an automated way of storing this information is the ideal option. Information can be saved and retrieved fast enough. This ensures that things run fast and smoothly.

Dental Clinic

Our Dental Clinic is also in our offices. This is where the dentists perform their tasks. The room is fully equipped with all the necessary dental equipment. Examples include the dental chair, handheld tools, lighting, suction machines, oral irrigators, laser systems, among much more.

All our dentists conduct all their consultations and cosmetic treatments in these clinics.

Storage and Other Areas

We have other rooms for further activities. A lab that is used for carrying out tests as well as storage units for medicine and equipment. We also have other offices for our staff.


We are located in one of the most ideal areas. Our offices are accessible from any part of the city by road or by foot. The offices can easily be spotted from the road. We have a clear signpost that easily directs you to our premises. If you are driving, we also offer you a space to park so that you don’t struggle so much and waste time.

In case you have not found a dentist or are looking for one, we would advise you to find one with a dental office.

A dental office that has a customary business within a greatly built office is one that can be trusted and legitimate.

The Middletown Dentist, as well as the rest of the dentists are also available to assist you in case you are located nearby. Contact us today and book an appointment.